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As one of the world’s biggest and most popular carmakers, Volkswagen has a long reputation for dependability and performance and when it’s time for repair or factory-scheduled maintenance of yours, we have all the training and expertise to perform the work according to factory standards.

We also provide the same expert and experienced care for your VW at Stuttgart’s Volkswagen repair in Chino Hills where our trained technicians take special pride in keeping your treasured VW running up to speed, no matter if you drive the hallmark Beetle or one of the newer models such as the Golf.

It was named the World Car of the Year at the 2013 New York Auto Show where judges said it was “as close to the perfect hatchback design as any car company has come up with yet. If ever there was a car for everyman, the Golf is it.”
Every man was who the VW was invented for, because Volkswagen means “people’s car” in German.

Ferdinand Porsche, who designed the Porsche, also created the VW. Owners in the “V-dub fan club” are particular about the care and repair of their vehicles, whether they drive a new SUV or an antique Bug, as that beloved compact car is also called. The Beetle first appeared on the New York Streets in 1949 and became so popular it was on American highways everywhere by 1950, especially the West Coast.

Our certified automotive specialists in Volkswagen repair in Diamond Bar also are highly experienced in handling European luxury vehicles and are specifically trained with the proper tools and state-of-the-art computers and diagnostic equipment to provide the best care available for your Volkswagen. We guarantee all repair results and are less expensive than your dealership when it comes to scheduled service and repair.

The same pride and experience with a proven track record of performing high-quality VW work for the past two decades is available at Stuttgart’s Volkswagen repair in Covina, where all work is performed to the best industry standards. Our Volkswagen repair in Pomona also offers the same trustworthy service, so bring us your VW, “Love Bus” or your favorite Bug.

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