The Reason Why Seat Belts Very Important For Car Safety?

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Why Are Seat Belts So Important For Car Safety

Safety belts, often known as a seat belt, are an important part of every vehicle. Belts are fitted to car seats not only to keep you in an upright position while driving but also to ensure your utmost safety in the event of a possible car accident. Under road safety laws, drivers must strap on their car seat belts while driving, as well as the other co-passengers. Consider a review at how these seat belts in new cars, used vehicles or family owned cars perform best and just what means they are very important.

The Reason Why Safety Belts Really Beneficial?

Safety belts are designed to provide restraint even when the car meets a potential collision. When you get involved with any kind of car crash, the motion in the speeding vehicle, when stopped abruptly, will definitely offer you an uncomfortable jerk. Without strapping on a car safety belt, you might crash yourself into the dashboard or even into the windscreen. As a result, you may meet with a severe head and face injury. All this happens due to a phenomenon, generally known as inertia.

What Is The Science Behind It?

Let us take a look into the scientists working behind. As the car is at motion, your body from the driver or even the passenger also moves together with it. When the vehicle gets stopped suddenly, the lower part of the body in contact with the vehicle comes to rest, but the upper part of the body continues in its state of motion and hence the driver leans forward due to “Inertia of motion” and meets with a fatal injury. Ejection from car seats is yet another frightening thought for most drivers irrespective of whether they are driving old cars, new cars or family owned vehicles.

A recent statistics reveal that over 60% of all casualties in car accidents are generally due to negligence in wearing seat belts. Further, 7% of these accidents result in severe spinal injuries which may even lead to permanent physical impairments.

What You Should Do?

When you are wearing a safety belt it reduces the chance of death count due to collision by almost 25%! Now that is a good enough reason to validate how beneficial, car safety belts can really be. To remain safe while driving your family owned car, encourage your loved ones to strap on their safety belts. After all, nothing is as valuable as life itself!

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