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We specialize in quality European cars and have everything at our disposal from technology to highly trained technicians to maintain and fix your favorite Mini that recently celebrated its 50th birthday. Our Mini Cooper repair in Chino Hills also is the place for your prized Mini to receive a complete range of hood to bumper service.

The Mini was developed in England in the late 1950s as a smaller fuel-efficient alternative to the big gas-guzzlers and soon became the most popular car in Great Britain. It really took off after racing legend John Cooper tweaked the little “bulldog” economy car into a rally demon with the Mini Cooper 997 in the early 1960s.

Rallying is old territory for the Mini, because the popular motor sport shaped the image of the brand. The Mini Cooper S came into vogue as a sports racer after several victories at Rally Monte Carlo and other racing venues.

The redesigned Mini was introduced to North America in the spring of 2002 and Mini mania began as people folks ordered deliveries of their “babies.” By that summer there was a California rally, which grew into the 800-member SoCal MINI Maniacs. Members enjoy motoring on the back streets and scenic and challenging twisting mountain roads.

By 2003 the Mini captured the North American Car of the Year award. Mini admirers like taking their cars to rallies for entertainment and to show them off. Large and small rallies are held around the world, from Italy’s famous Mille Miglia to local rallies held around the United States.

Stuttgart’s Mini Cooper repair in Diamond Bar has expert and experienced mechanics to maintain the unique Minis that owners are so passionate about. At our Mini Cooper repair in Covina we also can enhance the performance of your Mini and have all the parts available for any repairs required.

We have Mini Cooper parts available for all styles, including the latest models, which is like the antique Mini on steroids. Many owners like to express their individuality with their Mini models, so check with us about improved performance maintenance, which is also available at Stuttgart Auto’s Mini Cooper repair in Pomona along with all our other complete services.

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