Chrome Plating For The Chrome Rims Along With Auto Parts

Chrome Plating For The Chrome Rims Along With Auto Parts

Chrome rims along with chrome parts can be used to enhance the appearance of vehicles. The bright decorative finish of chrome plating is very familiar and enhances the appearance as no other method of customizing your ride can. Chrome plating isn’t just used in decoration, however. The protective coating from the chrome makes all the manner of chrome plating a good choice for other applications.

Chrome plating is made for applying a skinny layer of chromium up on an iron, copper or another base metal to present a safety and ornamental finish. Chromium is a reactive metal that reacts readily together with the oxygen up in the air. Unlike iron which forms a very unstable oxide that flakes and falls apart chromium oxide is hard and stable and forms a protective layer which prevents the underlying metal from corroding.

Different electroplating techniques are used to produce different effects. The shiny highly decorative finish that we’re all acquainted with on chrome rims along with auto parts is named as bright chrome. Other variations are black chrome and strong chrome.

Bright chrome can be used if a decorative finish is necessary, on car rims for example, and it is applied fairly thinly. Decorative chrome is applied after a nickel coating is plated to a base of steel, copper alloys, steel, and aluminum alloys and plastic. The nickel provides the luster and the chrome provides the hardness and protection. This type of process can be used for auto parts, jewelry, hardware, hand equipment, and appliances.

Black Chrome

For black chrome an underlying base of metal is plated with bright or mate nickel then the chromium plating applied over this. Black chrome isn’t as hard as bright chrome but not so long-lasting. It is often oiled or waxed to improve its appearance. Black chrome can be used in a few auto parts, solar power panels, plus some gun sights along with other optical components.

Hard/Strong Chrome

Unlike the other types, hard chrome is not used to give a decorative finish but to give a very long lasting protective coating for pistons, hydraulic rods, cylinders, and other engine parts. The chrome is plated more thickly than for the decorative finishes to make a strong protective layer.

The Electroplating Procedure

Before the object can be plated it must be cleaned thoroughly by decreasing the cleaning manually to remove any debris and impurities. Sulphuric acid or another strong acid may also be used. Other pre-treatments could also be used. Once cleaned the item is suspended on the plating solution. For bright chrome, an answer of sulphuric acid and chromic acid is required and also for black chrome, chromic acid with acetic acid and barium acetate. The temperature of the bath must be kept within 45C to 50C for bright chrome and 32C to 46C for black chrome. The thickness of the plating is controlled by the current user.

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