Choosing a Baby Trend Car Seat Base

Choosing a Baby Trend Car Seat Base

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Baby Trend is among the most recognizable baby product companies nowadays. Using their outstanding history in innovation and safety, it’s no surprise they have risen to get among the top infant car seat choices amongst parents.

A lot more parents are discovering the savings benefits and uncluttered convenience connected with having the ability to re-use their single child car seat in multiple cars. Often your baby will travel in both mom and dad’s cars at different times, or enjoy frequent outings in their grandparents’ car, giving them the opportunity to spoil their grandchild and giving you a short period to recharge your batteries. Whatever the reasons for needing to safely carry your infant or child in different vehicles, traditionally you either had to purchase a separate car seat for each vehicle or go through the laborious ‘remove from one car and install in the other’ routine. The now commonplace car seat base, allows you to simply install additional seat bases in each car and quickly click the actual infant car seat into whichever car you need to use.

Baby Trend has excelled in providing car seats and car seat bases that allow safe, secure and easy to install travel solutions for your baby or infant. If you’re looking to pick up an extra Baby Trend car seat base, then there are currently four options available to you. Many parents make the mistake of thinking that if they already own a Baby Trend car seat, then they are restricted to that one car seat base model. However, many of the bases that Baby Trend sells are compatible across their entire infant car seat range and since each base has different benefits, it allows you to choose a base that is ideal for your specific needs and vehicle.

Flex-Loc Base – depending on your vehicle and/or current car seat, this Baby Trend car seat base comes in either black or silver to provide an overall matching solution. The Flex-Loc base is perhaps the most popular car seat base in the Baby Trend range. Voted as the number one top pick for new parents, from the launch this particular base has received praise from parents and product reviewers alike. The superior features incorporated into this car seat base model, are not restricted to only those with the Flex-Loc car seat itself but are fully compatible with all Baby Trend infant car seats. The twin installation mechanisms that the Flex-Loc base comes with allows safe and secure fitting in newer vehicles equipped with LATCH anchor points or for those older vehicles, the car seat base allows for securing by way of standard car seat belts. As like so many of Baby Trend’s car seat bases, this one has a fully adjustable height positioning.

Rigid Latch-Loc Base – this is one of the new innovative products from Baby Trend and boasts the rigid latch-loc stay in car base mechanism. Currently, this Baby Trend car seat base is only available in black. The product construction is made from high-quality steel fittings, ensuring the integrity of the car seat base during a car accident. The entire latch mechanism allows a foolproof method of installing your car seat base securely every time and attaching the actual car seat to the base quick and easy. Although this base is intended for newer vehicles with LATCH anchors pre-fitted, the base also allows for the fitting with standard seat belts. Like the Flex-Loc base solution, this car seat base is also compatible with all of the Baby Trend infant car seats.

EZ Flex-Loc – this model of Baby Trend car seat base comes only in standard black. Like other bases that Baby Trend offer, the construction is made from high-quality steel, the base itself is height adjustable and the installation and removal designed to be quick and easy. Like so many of Baby Trend’s products, this particular car seat base has been recognized for its unique Flex Latch system, which effectively makes the entire process of fitting and moving between more than one car as simple and straight forward as you could possibly expect.

EZ Loc Base – one of the earlier models that Baby Trend offered, but still going strong today because of its high standards and functionality that it was introduced with. The construction standards used for the EZ Loc base are no different than those used on the newer car seat bases available. The main construction is of high-quality steel, the height of the base fully adjustable and the locking and securing mechanism as safe as any. Not compatible across the newer range of Baby Trend car seats, but introduced as the car seat base for the EZ Loc car seat. As the name suggests, the ease with which this car seat base can be fitted and removed from car seats is better than many new car seat base models being introduced today from competing companies.

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