Changing an AC Motor At a Lower Cost

Changing an AC Motor

When your air conditioning blower or condenser fan motor goes out, don’t call your local Denver HVAC specialist to replace your air conditioner. Air conditioner repair by replacing a motor can be much cheaper than a total replacement. HVAC in Denver can be expensive and there is no need to redo your whole system just because of a defective part.

Blower and fan malfunctions are common in the summer. Your Denver air conditioning guy should take no more than three hours on this job. The heat and constant use cause the motors to go out. The best bet for AC repair is always a replacement with an exact part. However, some motors are more efficient and last longer. A PSC motor is better than a shaded pole air conditioning motor, especially in large big-box HVAC systems. The replacement motor should also replace the capacitor because Denver heat can really kill. The shaded pole engines are rare now, but should always be replaced. Parts like these usually have to be picked up from a Denver HVAC supplier. Once your problem has been diagnosed by the HVAC tech, the runner can have the part installed as soon as the old one is pulled. Do not pay more than $3oo for a new motor unless it is for a large industrial HVAC application.

An air conditioning blower motor may be replaced by a stock motor that might not necessarily be of the same brand as the original. What is important is that your blower motor is matched for amps, voltage, RPM and size of the original mounting. Blowers can run clockwise or counterclockwise and some can be switched with an easy wiring change by your Denver HVAC technician.

Be careful of replacing a motor if there is water leaking near the air handling unit. You may have to schedule preventative maintenance to avoid problems with water leakage. Water leakage can cause corrosion and electrical damage to the HVAC unit, not to mention water damage to the property. Good preventative maintenance by a qualified HVAC repair center in Denver. Fixing water leaks should not take long, but here are some warning signs that you may have water problems.

The Rubatex insulation at the back of the air unit may have a tear or other breach along the suction line. The line will sweat if not insulated because it operates below the dew point. The supply transition needs a barrier around it because it will sweat as well.

In attics, air handling units should have a secondary condensation pan because an overflow will spill water over your house. Even a secondary pan can clog, causing drips and even ceiling failure. You can install a float switch in the condensation pan that will shut off the entire system and force the homeowner to seek out a Denver air conditioning repair service before the entire thing falls apart.

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